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Phil has over 10 years experience in absolutely delighting children at parties. Phil has an action packed schedule to keep them completely entertained for every moment of a 2 hour party (apart from a short break while the children have some food).

After a warm up with a million bubbles from the bubble machine, the show starts with magic, puppets and clowning that has children crying with laughter. There is then a break for food after the first hour, and when the children begin to finish eating he will gather them together to sing happy birthday and lead straight into his epic disco. The disco is crammed full with games, dancing and props – such as his infamous parents vs children snowball fight, and has a full set of disco lights, snow foam and bubble machines.

Phil’s parties are suitable for any number of children from 5 to 45, and he has material to suit age 1 to 9, or can do a combination for parties where there are mixed ages present.

Phil’s Epic Party costs £300 for the two hour show including a 20-25 minute break while the children eat.

Maddy joined Cotswold Children’s Parties in Summer 2023 and has been off to a flying start! We have kitted Maddy out with lights, bubble machines and snow machine, as well as creating our first bubble show, where Maddy will show the children tricks with bubbles, even putting a whole child in a bubble, and then giving them a chance to try it out themselves with some interactive bubble stations. After the first hour, Maddy also has a break for the children to eat, followed by an epic disco, including all of the favourites: lights, dancing, parachute, games, a chance to learn some hula hoop tricks and of course an epic snow ball fight!

Maddy’s parties are suitable for up to 30 children, and are suitable for ages 2-6.

Maddy has a large amount of exciting bubbly equipment to unload so she needs reasonably step free access to a venue (a couple of steps is fine, but not upstairs please!).

For Maddy’s bubbly party it costs £240, for two hours including the break for food you provide.

Our UV parties are all held at and catered by Leisure at Cheltenham.

The party is 1 hour of epic UV party with your party host Roxy, followed by 45 minutes in the party room where you will be served your food, catered for you.

The hour’s UV party is absolutely crammed with activities, puppets, games and UV magic show, including UV face paint and glow sticks to take away and dress up to borrow. There will of course be our usual snow ball fight – with epic UV glowing GLOW balls!

The party costs £175 inclusive of room hire, entertainer, face paint and glow sticks. UV glow balloons and food is charged extra per child. Food starts at £5 per child.

See photos and find out more here.

Our parties are often fully booked for weekends a couple of months in advance, and we find our after school parties are really popular, with children and adults both adoring them.

You can either have the whole of Phil’s 2 hour party for £250 or, Phil is also able to cram as much as possible into 1.5 hours of absolutely non-stop entertainment, with a shorter break of up to 20 minutes while the children eat, which is available for £200. 

For weekdays not in term time it’s £300 for the full two hours, or £260 for the 1.5 hour. (We are not able to do 1.5 hour parties at weekends sorry).

We offer modelling balloons and glitter tattoos if you are looking for a little extra sparkle to your party.

The tattoos are applied for all the children at the start of the party while they are arriving and are always a huge hit. The entertainer gets a little moment to get to know each child and make them feel special when they arrive. For larger parties the entertainer carries on with tattoos during the break for food to make sure there is enough time to get round everyone.

The balloons are brought to the party pre-made. They are either regular balloons (poodles, flowers, swords, dinosaurs, unicorns) or deluxe balloons (Phil only) which are all made out of 2-4 balloons (crazy hats, deluxe flowers, deluxe swords, deluxe butterflies).

£1 per child for glitter tattoos

£1 per child for regular balloons

£2 per child for deluxe balloons

£1.50 per child for regular balloons and glitter tattoos

£2.50 per child for deluxe balloons and glitter tattoos

£1 per child for UV balloon sword (UV parties)

(Birthday children are free so don’t include them in the numbers!)

Enquire directly with us for bespoke pricing, or use the below as a guide.
Phil is able to provide a number of packages, including:
Nursery/preschool Party:
Magic show, disco, including snow foam, parachute and crazy games for up to 40 children per show, including fast paced and funny nursery rhymes etc for preschool children. From age 2 up to Year 2. Finishing before 2:30pm.

1 hour party for up to 35 children – £210

1.5 hour non-stop party for up to 35 children – £260

1 hour party for up to 70 children – £250


Large assembly: 
Suitable for unlimited number of reception to Year 6 age children, sat down in a hall.
Action packed magic show and large game show style games the children can enjoy from their seat.
For less than 210 children per show:
1 hour show – £230
2 x 1 hour shows (these are two different shows, one show for KS1 and one for KS2) – £350
For over 210 children:
1 hour show – £1.10 x the number of children in the school
School disco type event: 
For up to 60 children, week day starting after 3pm.
Non-stop: magic show, disco, snow foam, lights, parachute, games.
1 hour disco party – £220
1.5 hour disco party – £270
2 x 1 hour disco party (eg one for KS1 and one for KS2) – £310

Phil can provide 45-60 minute workshops for primary school children teaching:

Balloon Modelling

Bubble Making

Puppet Making

He charges around £400 per school day of workshops, but speak to us for more info and we will create a bespoke package based on your needs.

We use google maps to estimate the journey time. 

Message me for a quote but these costs should give you a good estimate of our milage costs:

No cost – Under 30 mins from Cheltenham

£5 – 30-34 minutes from Cheltenham

£10 – 35-39 minutes from Cheltenham

£20 – 40-45 minutes from Cheltenham

£30 – 46-50 minutes from Cheltenham

£40 – 51-55 minutes from Cheltenham

£50 – 56-60 minutes from Cheltenham

£60 – 61-65 minutes from Cheltenham

Children's Entertainer at kids party. Maddy giving the children an amazing disco